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Whats been happening to Crypto?

About 3 years ago crypto was fire. Every project seemed to have an angle and most everyone agreed there were gonna be a few winners.
Then about two years ago the money followed and all our gut feelings were finally manifesting. Until the bottom dropped out shortly after.
Here’s my rendition of what occurred and why even though price has changed up and down most everything else hasn’t.
First off Bitcoin stole the show during the price boom two years ago but the truth is Bitcoin was leaching off Ethereum’s success. ICOs were investments in that success and it wasn’t until Crypto kitties showed Ethereum couldn’t scale and Bitcoin shit the bed with fees did the party end.
First off Bitcoin is dead tech. Cool that it works but thats all. Bitcoin should get no press these days but everyone is still riding every Antop post or putting their faith in the lightning network. The truth is nothing has happened with Bitcoin and there is no way Bitcoin innovation can catch up with other projects a fraction as well known.
More copies of copies. Where did all theses coins come from? Who actually thinks EOS or BCH or BSV or TRX or NEO are gonna actually do something? These aren’t innovation they are ripping off others ideas with worse implementation. Nothing new here just a ton of useless fluff to throw on CMC
So, what are we looking forward to? Well, the same things we were looking forward to two years ago. Ethereum’s Casper and sharding, IOTA losing its coordinator and getting smart contracts and Maidsafe recreating the Internet. None of which get much attention even though any one of them would be a technological breakthrough.
There are only a handful of decent projects now. Stuff like factom. OPQ, Maidsafe, Ethereum, IOTA. Projects trying to solve problems and not copies of other ideas.
Anyfart, nothings happened. Everyone rides Antop, has something to say about Coinbase and Binance and complains about biters like Justin Sun while holding bags of XRP. So lets all watch the price jump knowing full that nothing is actually happening just so we can bitch we didn’t get out soon enough when it tanks a moment later.
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